Being able to navigate the dynamic in couples therapy is challenging and scary for a lot of therapists. Many of us receive little to no supervised clinical training while in graduate school in this specialty. 

While there are similarities between what is needed for working with individuals, couples or marriage counseling comes with additional complexity and intensity in the therapy room. It can also feel like a lot of pressure when a couple comes to you and their marriage is at risk, and are looking to you for help.

Whether you are looking to completely transition to working with couples as part of your practice or are wanting support surrounding a specific couple, I can help you do that! It is wonderful that you are wanting the best outcome and experience for your clients, and are seeking guidance about how you can improve upon your existing toolbox.

Due to my advanced training and experience in Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples, I will look at your cases through this lens. I love EFT because research shows that it has at least a 75% success rate and low relapse rate - which means that the skills are generalized and internalized by clients. But I also love learning about your perspective and figuring out how we can integrate this in a way that feels natural to you.

I want to create a safe space for you to discuss your challenges, fears, and successes with your couples. Therefore, if you find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious, tired, or like you're just working way harder than the clients, I want to help you gain the confidence and knowledge that you need to walk into your office and know that you can handle what is thrown your way. 

What should I expect?

Session frequency will be discussed during the initial phone or video call. Ongoing appointments are typically 50 minutes for one-on-one consultation, or longer for group consultations, and held through video conference.

A 50 minute individual consultation is $150

The group rate for a 50 minute consultation is $80

to start feeling more confident in your work